Big Data & Data Science

Harvesting skyrocketing amounts of Enterprise data, Machine-generated data, Sensor-generated data and other unstructured data with traditional Business Intelligence (BI) tools may lead to wrong conclusions.

We, at Aurochs Tech, help the business people to interpret tons of data within and outside the organizational boundaries and help the enterprises to make build better business decisions based the assorted needs of esteemed customers.

Our industry knowledge combined with best-in-class implementations provides you with an ability to leverage high velocity of data to make informed decisions about developing new products or re-developing matured products.

Big Data Consulting Services

  • Evaluation of technology and opting the right platform
  • Architecture Assessment and Definition
  • Prototyping & Benchmarking
  • Big Data

Implementation Services

  • Installing and Configuring Hadoop on new environment
  • Developing applications using MapReduce Programming
  • Analytical Application Development like web log analysis or social media analysis using Hadoop, Hive etc.

Big Data Support Services

  • Hadoop Cluster Monitoring
  • Configure Hadoop for performance optimization
  • Load data into Hadoop’s Distributed File System (HDFS)

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